Dear friends,

On behalf of the Agios Therapontas Community Council, the residents of our village and all the contributors for the success of this webpage, I welcome you and wish you a very pleasant browsing.

Seventeen months after the assumption of our duties, we are in a position to create this webpage as part of our efforts to achieve some of our goals, which include:

  • Direct communication with our fellow villagers, both in Cyprus and abroad and the minimizing of the distance that keeps us apart.
  • Continuous update in relation to changes that occur in the community.
  • Projection of our community.
  • Projection of businesses which belong to fellow villagers and friends of our village.
  • Projection of actions and achievements of the Association of Expatriates and friends of Agios Therapontas and the other organized parties of our village.
  • Projection of our Cultural and Religious heritage.

During the first seventeen months of our tenure, we have already accomplished the following:

  • To organize the offices of the Community Council, operating with personnel almost on a daily basis.
  • Computerization of the Community Council (taxes, assets, water supply, etc).
  • Reinforcement of the village’s financial sources.
  • Organizing of cultural and other events such as dancing parties, theatrical plays, feast community assemblies, inaugurations etc.
  • Installation of water meters and complete functioning and control of the water consumption at the village’s premises.
  • Formation of a youth committee which is expected to give, along with the Association of Expatriates, a new breath in the village’s events.
  • Construction of a children’s park.
  • Active participation in companies and boards of the area of ‘Krasochoria’, the Troodos area and in our district in general.
  • Other projects.

For the remaining of our tenure, we have set the following goals:

  • Further arrangement of the Community Council.
  • To find and effectuate ways of preserving and developing our village by exploiting government and European funds to the highest degree possible.
  • To create new job positions in the village and the wider region.
  • To upgrade the village within the line of a project with which all services will be installed underground (electricity, communications, water supply, sewage disposal etc) and to reform the central core of the village by reconstructing the roads of the village.
  • Technological upgrade (communications)
  • To reopen the Community Library.
  • To reopen the Community Stadium.
  • To shape the school into a place for camping and events.
  • Other cultural actions.

I observe with great sadness that although our events have been embraced by everyone, participation in the volunteering work needed for achieving the aforementioned, is limited.

I address every single one of you personally and I ask you to unite with us in the effort we have all started together to create a village which we will all be happy about. A village which we will all enjoy and where our children and grandchildren can grow up without anything missing. A village which all our elderly villagers will enjoy with all the comforts that they deserve in their old age. A village which will be financially strong and independent and which will give no reason for anybody to abandon it for a better place.

‘For an Agio Theraponta just like its Saint wants it to be’.

I am committed to work hard, to fully update all our fellow villagers on a regular basis, to deal with the problems of all our fellow villagers’ honestly and with disinterestedness; I am committed for a better future.

I thank you with all my soul,

Christodoulos Mylonas
President of the Agios Therapontas Community Council